What Is CRDOWNLOAD File & Can You Delete It & How to Open It


If you are using certain browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Chromium web browsers to download files, you may notice a .CRDOWNLOAD file extension in the Downloads directory. It is a partially downloaded file created by these browsers.

Why Does CRDOWNLOAD File Appear

A lot of people are confused why the unconfirmed CRDOWNLOAD file appears in the Downloads directory. A .CRDOWNLOAD file appears when you begin downloading a file. Usually, the unconfirmed CRDOWNLOAD extension will be removed once the download finishes.

  • Google Chrome crashed during the download.
  • User pauses or stops downloading the file.

Can You Delete CRDOWNLOAD File

Can you delete CRDOWNLOAD file? Usually, it’s not recommended you delete the file if it is still downloading. Well, you can cancel the download process in Chrome if you don’t want to download the file anymore. Once canceled, your browser will automatically delete the associated CRDOWNLOAD file. You can also click on the Resume button on Chrome to start downloading the file again.

  • An old .CRDOWNLOAD file: The file you tried downloading a long time ago can be deleted.
  • A failed download file: If you try downloading a file for a long time and come back to see a .CRDOWNLOAD file, then it indicates the file failed to download. At this time, you can delete it and retry the download.

How to open CRDOWNLOAD File

Since the CRDOWNLOAD is a partially downloaded file created by web browsers, it cannot be opened in a program directly. However, you still can utilize a part of the file by removing the .crdownload from the file name. If your browser stops downloading, you can follow the steps below to open the CRDOWNLOAD file.


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