How to Fix InputMapper Exclusive Mode Not Working [2021 Update]

Fix 1. Install InputMapper HidGuardian on Your Computer

Although the anniversary and the creator updates caused conflict with InputMapper, its developer introduced a new tool that can help fix the Input Mapper failed to connect exclusively problem on Windows 10. This tool is used with the parent application InputMapper, which ensures that your computer can run InputMapper Exclusive Mode without interference.

Fix 2. Re-enable the Bluetooth HID Device

If you changed the way that the Bluetooth HID device or HID-Complaint game controller interacts with the DS4 controller, the Input Mapper could not open DS4 exclusively. In this case, you can fix the issue by re-enabling the HID device. Here’s how:

Fix 3.Configure the Exclusive Mode for HidGuardian

Some users reported that the InputMapper Exclusive Mode not working problem can be fixed by configuring the Exclusive Mode of HidGuardian. If you also installed the tool, you can try this method. Make sure that you logged in as an administrator and follow the steps below:


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